The Great Gingerbread Challenge


Hello friends! I hope you are well and enjoying all of the festivities that the Christmas season brings. 🎄


The Great Gingerbread Challenge.
I have been asked to make lots and lots of gingerbread men for Riverside Hub’s Magical Christmas. I am so pleased to be able to contribute to the magic of this truly wonderful event. Each child will get to decorate one of my gingerbread men, make snacks for Father Christmas and his reindeer, meet Father Christmas and play games and sing songs all in the beautifully decorated Hub. 

The cookies.
These are no regular cookies. They are enormous at 16cm high and 13cm wide! They dwarf my normal gingerbread cutter.

The challenge is not so much in baking large cookies, but in the number of these gingerbread giants that are required: one for every child visiting Father Christmas at the Hub this year, up to 1,000!


Colour your own Gingerbread Man

I’ll keep you posted on my progress toward my goal right here. How many gingerbread giants will I make this month?

Friday, 4/12/15—————-60
Saturday, 5/12/15———–40

Thursday, 10/12/15——–40

Saturday, 12/12/15——-120

Monday, 14/12/15———-50
Tuesday, 15/12/15———-50
Wednesday, 16/12/15—-58
Thursday, 17/12/15——117

Saturday, 19/12/15——100

Monday, 21/12/15——-180

Running Total—————815


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