Solar Eclipse Friday


This Friday between approximately 8:30 am and 11:00 am a solar eclipse will be visible in the UK. The eclipse, lasting close to 2 hours, will be partial throughout the UK, with those closer to Scotland snagging the best views.


It goes without saying that you must not look directly at the sun, but you can make a nifty little viewer of your very own here courtesy of

I’ll be working at our local primary school during the eclipse, so I’ve transformed my beloved Black & White Cookie recipe, from Brown-eyed Baker into Eclipse Cookies in honour of this special event. I hope the kiddies like them. I must say, I am giddy with excitement, not so much for the eclipse, but for sharing one of my favourite New York City specialities with everyone at school.


Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy the eclipse safely, preferably while sampling some delicious eclipse-inspired cookies!

Meg x

*Just had to share…my cookies were shown on the local news (Look East) as part of their Eclipse coverage! So exciting!

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