Mother’s Day


This weekend, we in the UK, celebrate Mother’s Day. I am really looking forward to being spoilt by my children and husband.

But what do Mums really want for Mother’s Day?

A few years ago, 1,000 Mums were polled in an effort to find out what they would most like in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Here is what they found:


1. Good night’s sleep and lie in – 20%

2. Quality family time – 18%

3. No tantrums – 15%

4. No kids TV – 12%

5. Someone to cook for them – 9%

6. Children’s artwork  – 8%

6. Hot cup of tea – 8%

8. Clean house – 5%

9. Techy gadget – 4%

10. Cash – 1%

To read the complete article from The Daily Mail, click here.

Do you agree with this list?

What are you hoping for this weekend? Quality family time or a thoughtful gift?
Flowers and chocolates or homemade cards and a lie in?

Whatever it is you are hoping for, I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy every minute of it!

All the best,

Meg x

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