Behind the Scenes: Mothers Love Cookies Packaging


Close up of that lovely washi tape

Packaging is a tricky business, don’t let anyone fool you.

You need to find the right size container to fit your product snuggly, but not crush it, in our case, we chose corrugated boxes.


Our boxes with address label

You need to decide how to personalise the container to make it appealing and reflect the value of the product inside. We opted for white boxes. To me, white boxes are bakery boxes and meant to carry yummy things. We decorated the boxes with lovely washi tape (I love this stuff!) and a personalised address label complete with my daughter’s wonderful logo design displayed proudly.


Open box

We chose to line the inside of our boxes with bright pink tissue paper (mainly because it is my favourite colour and makes me happy), tied  carefully with ribbon. I wanted opening a box of our cookies to be something special. I also write a personal note to each Mum and include a gift card from Samfire Handmade Greeting Cards, as well as a business card.


Delicious cookies wrapped in cellophane

The cookies are individually wrapped in spotty cellophane by my own fair hand to ensure freshness (and they look pretty cute, too). Each cookie is like a little present, and I don’t know about you, but I love to open presents!


Cranberry & White Chocolate close up

So, there it is – a behind the scenes look at what goes into packaging up our lovely little cookies. I hope you have enjoyed the tour.

Thank you, and come again.

Meg xx

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