TUESDAYS WITH MUMMY: These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…

Hello friends!

It’s Tuesdays With Mummy time once again (hooray!). Thank you for popping by.

Today I am having my cookies photographed for my Yumbles.com pages (photos to come). In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy taking a moment to read about a few of my favourite things for kids at the moment.

Note: This list consists completely of my own personal picks. I am not being paid by any of the businesses featured.


Babylit Primer’s Sense and Sensibility
As an avid Jane Austen fan and a closeted children’s book collector, this book, and indeed this entire series delights me. Fancy introducing your toddler to the Dashwood sisters while teaching them about opposites (for it must be said, Elinor and Marianne fit the bill quite nicely). Check this book out, and the others in the series for a bit of culture in your bedtime read.


Bonnie Buddies Snow Queen Doll
Who wouldn’t love one of these gorgeous dolls? Each one is completely handmade (special orders are accepted, too)with beautiful detachable skirt. The Snow Queen is CE marked (safe from birth). Bonnie Buddies just make me smile.

Villa Cartabianca
Check out this amazingly intricate cardboard Villa from Paper Imagination Shop. It has everything a child could want in a doll house (I especially love the balconies) and it is begging to be decorated. I don’t think you can lose with this one, a perfect gift.

What are some of your favourite finds for kids at the moment? I’d love to hear what you think.

Have a great week, friends.

All the best,

Meg x

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