Welcome to the Year of the Goat/Ram/Sheep


Happy Chinese New Year!

Unlike western new year celebrations, Chinese New Year begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice. It is the biggest and most important holiday for Chinese people worldwide.

An animal is associated with each year. This year seems to be a bit confused. Apparently in Mandarin, the symbol for the animal for this year could be a goat, ram or sheep. Hmm. It is said the goat prefers peace and is most comfortable at home (hey, I might be a goat!). The sheep is docile and thought to be one of the least desirable signs. More info here.

Well, I don’t know about you, but my family loves Chinese food. A few years back, my kids chose to have a Chinese New Year birthday party complete with chopsticks, red money envelopes, lanterns and food. My daughter even wore a beautiful red Cheongsam (the traditional close-fitting dress with a high neck and short sleeves).

This year we are making a simple, but healthy and delicious Chinese meal and making lots of colourful paper lanterns.

First, the lanterns. We found an easy tutorial from Kidspot. Make them in all the colours of the rainbow and hang them everywhere ( we chose traditional red), especially in your kitchen or wherever you eat dinner.


Cutting the lantern


Stapling the hanging loop


Admiring a job well done


Kidspot Paper Lantern Tutorial

Next, prepare a simple Chinese meal. The kids can help! We like the Chow Mein recipe from Eat Your Veg. It’s completely customisable to your tastes, or what you have in the fridge. I like to cheat and use a bag or two of stir fry veg to cut down on the prep time. I won’t tell anyone if you choose to cheat too. Also, if are veggie you can simply leave the meat out and still have a delicious, filling meal.


Eat Your Veg’s Chow Mein Recipe

Have fun together and enjoy.

Meg x

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