The Great Gingerbread Challenge


Hello friends! I hope you are well and enjoying all of the festivities that the Christmas season brings. 🎄


The Great Gingerbread Challenge.
I have been asked to make lots and lots of gingerbread men for Riverside Hub’s Magical Christmas. I am so pleased to be able to contribute to the magic of this truly wonderful event. Each child will get to decorate one of my gingerbread men, make snacks for Father Christmas and his reindeer, meet Father Christmas and play games and sing songs all in the beautifully decorated Hub. 

The cookies.
These are no regular cookies. They are enormous at 16cm high and 13cm wide! They dwarf my normal gingerbread cutter.

The challenge is not so much in baking large cookies, but in the number of these gingerbread giants that are required: one for every child visiting Father Christmas at the Hub this year, up to 1,000!


Colour your own Gingerbread Man

I’ll keep you posted on my progress toward my goal right here. How many gingerbread giants will I make this month?

Friday, 4/12/15—————-60
Saturday, 5/12/15———–40

Thursday, 10/12/15——–40

Saturday, 12/12/15——-120

Monday, 14/12/15———-50
Tuesday, 15/12/15———-50
Wednesday, 16/12/15—-58
Thursday, 17/12/15——117

Saturday, 19/12/15——100

Monday, 21/12/15——-180

Running Total—————815


Busy Bee Baker

Whew! I have been in a flurry of activity over the past few weeks. I have been blessed to be given the opportunity to bake for Riverside Hub, the UK’s largest indoor playcentre!

I started out making Smiley Face Flapjacks.


Then I made Raisin Scones.


And now I find myself making 18 or so cakes a week along with flapjacks, brownies and lemon squares and occasional scones.


It’s all great fun, but it does keep me rather busy. I apologise for my silence. I hope to find time once a week from now on to breathe life back into my little blog. I do love writing and sharing this journey with you all.

Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? Perhaps a few more photos of cake, just for you. 💕



All the best,
Meg xx

Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with Adventures of a Novice Mum

Wow! What an amazing whirlwind this week has been.


We have been celebrating World Breastfeeding Week by taking part in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt. There have been so many interesting, insightful and emotional posts that have touched my heart and reaffirmed my desire to bake my little cookies to support nursing Mums in my own way.


Super sweet words about our bakes from Adventures of a Novice Mum

Mo from Adventures of a Novice Mum was kind enough to partner up with us this week. We have donated a box of our cookies as a prize on her blog and she has written an extremely kind and thorough review of our bakes. Click here to read her kind words and to register to win free cookies!

What did you do to celebrate this week?

Thanks for reading.

Meg xx

Introducing…Our New Logo


Our new logo!

Many thanks to the extremely talented and amazingly generous Tracey Witts from The Creative Pair for designing our lovely new logo. I now feel we are set to move forward in our business journey.


Big thanks to the lovely Tracey!

Tracey offered to help me with the new, improved design even when she is very busy home educating her daughter, starting a new business and blog.

The Creative Pair is a new venture for Tracey, where she works alongside her daughter Chloe, creating crafts, recipes, tutorials and much more. She previously created gorgeous and very popular felt creations for her business Sew Kidding. Her creativity and kindness have no end.

Go have read of her blog. It’s a wonderful resource for home educators, parents and anyone interested in learning more about living with, and loving a child with Autism and PDA.

So, what do you think of the new logo? Do we look all grown up and professional?

Thank you for reading!

Meg xx

Baby London July/August 2015

I just thought I’d share our lovely feature in Baby London (out now!)


Check us out in Baby London!


Our offer for Baby London readers

Order your cookies today on Etsy or Yumbles! I look forward to baking for you.

All the best,
Meg x

As Seen in Baby London

The most amazing thing has happened. No, really, it has!

Mothers Love Cookies, yes, our lovely little home bakery, is featured in the current issue (July/August, in newsstands from 19 June) of the gorgeous Baby London magazine. We are very fortunate to be part of a small article on Lactation Treats. Weeeeeeeee!

The people at Baby London have been ever so kind to us. We are mentioned in their Food News and also again on the offers pages.  They have included a very complimentary review of our cookies, which has just been the cherry on top of this whole experience. There are two beautiful photos, one featuring our delicious Coconut & Dark Chocolate Cookies, both taken by the talented James Corbett (thank you, James!) as well as some very kind words about our bakes. Lots of new and soon-to-be Mums are sure to see what our business has to offer for the first time, and that, my friends, is something to be excited about!

Click here to see the page:  Baby London Food News

How did this happen to a small home bakery, you might ask?

Well, I’ll tell you. A few months ago, I sent messages out to all of the top UK baby magazines, introducing myself and telling them a little bit about what we do at Mothers Love Cookies.

Most of the magazines replied by asking for more information, which I promptly provided. Baby London, however, asked for a sample box to be sent to them. I was ecstatic! I baked a variety of delicious treats and merrily posted them to London.

I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, I decided to send a message to confirm they received the box. Unfortunately, they did not. They asked for another box. I agreed, but decided I would send this box ‘recorded delivery’ for my own piece of mind.

I baked another lovely selection of my bakes and posted it. This is what I received the very next day:

Hi Meg!!

We’ve just received the box – and oh my gosh are your cookies delicious. They’re v. popular! Also thanks for sending all the info – super helpful. Will be in touch soon once we’ve decided which issue we’ll be putting the feature in.

Baby London x

This was in April, actually the 1st of April, but it was no joke.

Fast-forward to 27th of May. I received another message from Baby London. This time I was told that Mothers Love Cookies will definitely be featured in the July/August issue under Food News, including a review of our bakes. I have to say, I was over the moon!

In an effort to thank Baby London and encourage all it’s readers to order lots and lots of our yummy treats, we are offering 20% off all orders from Baby London readers. To find the code, simply pick up a copy of the magazine!


We will also be offering a discount to all Baby Surrey and Baby Hampshire readers as well! So if you live in London, Surrey or Hampshire, be sure to pop out and buy a lovely magazine and check out our special discount codes.

All the best,

Meg x



Snoob Guest Post: Baking with Children

Have you heard of a Snoob?

It’s a scarf, a nursing cover, a baby blanket and a sunshade all in one. It’s both stylish and practical, something every nursing mother could use. Pretty amazing (and how gorgeous is the colour – love it).

Well, I discovered this wonder product recently and I was so impressed with it that I sent a message to the two lovely ladies who created it. And from that email came the opportunity to write a guest post for their blog! I love it when things like that happen!

Trust me, you need to pop on over to visit the lovely Angelique and Becky at Snoob and while you’re there, have a little read of my guest post Tips for Baking with Children. It’s full of handy dandy tips and a special recipe for you to try making with your little ones. It’s easy, it’s fun to make and it’s delicious – a triple treat!

Here’s a tiny sneak peek of the yummy recipe I made with my own little bakers.


Evie pouring melted butter into the sugar mixture


The kids busily decorating the cookie pie

As always, I thank you for reading. I do hope you will visit our friends at Snoob and be inspired to make a delicious Cookie Pie with your kids. The recipe is extremely adaptable to what you have to hand and your kids will love it. Guaranteed! ☺

All the best,
Meg x

Just a quick reminder that our 20% off offer is good until 1 June. Get your Etsy orders in and use the discount code PRINCESS. Don’t miss out!